by Euphorbia

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Achromatopsia EP (2015 Remaster)


released November 14, 2015

Ulisses Righi, Cirion Barboza




Euphorbia Porto Alegre, Brazil

Euphorbia is a Dark Electro duo from Porto Alegre, Brazil, formed in the end of 2005.

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Track Name: Achromatopsia
With colours
At your doorstep

The universe
And drink the evil in you

Corroded insanity
Claims for your fears
And what do you see
Beyond reality?
The untouchable, unspeakable
The utterly profane

The beast that's in you
Overtakes your will
Where you thread
Your imagination
You dream your dreams in colour

Your blue colour
And claim your own dimension

Where infinity
Leads to oblivion

The master's voice
And heed his eternal call

Your glass wings
And fall free of your mind

Do you dream your dreams in colour?

Do you dream?

We have the red
Of the same old blood
And the gold
From the things that were stolen
But not the black
Emptyness we touch
We share the gray of indecision
See the blue of sadness
And the green of agony
Track Name: Bloodhold
Little ones
Weak souls
May you die
May you go

Make your choice
I've made mine
Through your soul
Through your spine

To see
To heal
To stand
To live

To give
To take
To touch
To kiss

To touch
The skin of blood
To feel
The heat and wet
To love
The anger of self
To lose
A lost trace
Track Name: Sandmen
In a land of far clean sands
The ones who'll come out from the sea
Will bring us a way to what we wait
The one thing I feel inside me

Where the children's mind's eye live
Our arms aren't strong enough to stand
The weight of what we will soon be

Can you stand
Or can you fake
thorns in my hand
No, never change

Every day
Of every week
Seems a year
To fade away, to fade away...

In a land of blind old men
Strangers come and go forsaken and
Where there's no longer love and greed

Things never seems to close an end
In a land of blind old men
Things go on just by shaking hands
Track Name: Pater Noster
I used to join my fists together
and hang out my dreams on my bed
now I'm tying my senses
and bleeding my back to the ground

Nineteen hours from the last
The last time i recall my breath
Maybe now i'm really in test
But nobody knows when I'll come

Show me the truth
I'll show you the pain
Give me your cross
I'll give you to the Lord

Down the stairs
The dark hall holds the candles
The burning flames recalls me
The test I've failed again
Track Name: Erich Zann
Living behind the soul
Of the great ones
Losing my sanity
At every single step

Become insane

Moving my fingers through
The endless shadows
Searching the way out of here
Trying to keep my mind in control

I found god
And I touch his soul
Now I can see
The reason of my life

Seeking the supreme wise
In the land of sacred creatures
The throne of R'lyeh
Shows me the path to the true

That's not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die

The most mercyful thing in the world is the inability of the human race to correlate all its contents

Fear is the oldest and the strongest emotion of mankind